Friday, October 10, 2014

I'm waiting!!

I was going to blog tonight about my great talk I had yesterday in Lansing at Gift of Life, but I got "THE CALL" today at 12:00.

I had just left the Secretary of State office to change my address and I was walking to my car my phone rang.  It was not my scary foghorn ring so I thought it was going to be a routine call.
Well my transplant coordinator is off, so it was another coordinator calling and offering me lungs. Thankfully, Greg was also at SOS office. He was waving goodbye and I was frantically waving at him to stay as I was on the phone.

He was in disbelief as I was-- I called my pilot Randy. Everyone answered as was the plan and I was out of Grand Rapids in a little over a hour!

Ahhhhhhh!!!!! I'm sitting here awaiting this unbelievable event! Pray I make it thru the surgery with a successful recovery for many years.  Pray for the donor - someone has died so I could live. This is heavy but have not processed that thought completely.  I'm only focusing on the now.

Pray for my family, I didn't get to see Eric before I left although I did get to volunteer in his school earlier today.

Every thing has fell into place seamlessly, God is in control.

Love to all my supporters!

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