Sunday, October 27, 2013

Follow up in Badger Country

After my husband ran his first half marathon on Sunday, Oct 20 (great job Greg!), we quickly were in the car for our whirlwind journey to Madison. We got there later in the evening and were pretty much ready for bed.
6 days prior we just returned from our jam packed Disney/Universal adventure.  It was a fun time but very busy attempting to see the "hot "spots " in a short time.  Eric had a great time and that's what counts.
Monday morning my gimpy husband ( I told him to do stretches and he didn't listen) and I drove over to U of W. I got labs, did a 6 min walk test, got blood gases drawn, and then my least favorite test: spirometry.  Anyone that has lung issues knows this is a torture chamber and to be quite honest it looks like one as well especially when they close the door and seal you in this 3 foot wide box.
I'll see if I can link a pic:

I don't like doing lung function testing because it's hard to do, my whole future lies on these numbers, and my face turns red and I don't look cute. Haha!

My current lung function is 28%. So I'm holding steady and everyone on my team is agreeable to keep my status on the list as a Level 7 which is basically a holding pattern.
So I will keep marching forward day by day, grateful for each, praying for another.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Check out this article by Susan Lovell

Mrs Big Dog graciously wrote an article for the Grand Rapids Press, it is currently on mlive. They said they would put it in the paper if there was room and she responded, "what better use of your paper." Mrs Big Dog has such dynamic energy and reach and I'm so grateful for her writing and for helping along this way.