Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day full of success.....

We started the day with the removal of the chest tube!  :)  Then Joyce was able to sit in the chair for the 1st time, a few hours later, and she made it about 45 minutes before feeling too woozy and needed to go back to bed.  A couple hours later, Joyce sat in the chair for just over an hour and then took her 1st walk!!!  It was truly miraculous to see Joyce up exercising those new lungs again....and only on very little (2 liters) of oxygen....and maintained an O2 sat of 96%!  Truly, truly incredible!  Joyce has since sat in the chair for another long stint and gone for another walk.  We are all hoping that she can get some much needed sleep tonight.  

As the day progressed Joyce's blood sugars regulated more and more so they now only bug her every 2 hours for new reads rather than every hour.....have to see even the little steps as, just that, the right direction.  

Thank you all again for the love, prayers, and support all around.....I'll be updating soon.....


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