Sunday, July 13, 2014

How to save a life...

It's really simple...sign up to be an organ donor! or www.organ

I never get tired of seeing programs about organ donation and the process. I just watched NY Med ( thx Kelly) and a young man was waiting for a heart transplant. He got the call and he seemed so calm and him mom was freaking out.  The heart was in ice for 6.5 hrs which is a bit long and his new heart had to be shocked many times but it started!

The mother said the waiting is a very unnatural way to live and she's right.  I just want to be free- free to breathe, free to run, free to travel, free to eat whatever I want , I want to be free.

There have been a few misconceptions about the transplant process, let's clear them up.

1. I do not know when my surgery is, this is something that is NOT scheduled.  I get my surgery when someone dies! There is no other way. That's heavy- I will have someone's lungs inside of me. I hope they like me ( I eat pretty healthy except for chocolate ), I hope my internal body is welcoming as it will be seen as a foreign invader and my body goes on attack mode.  This is why I'm given so many immunosuppressive meds.  Acute rejection is pretty common in first few yrs, it's the long term rejection that is a MAJOR problem - I will then have another type of BO-chronic rejection BO.
2. I do not know when the call will come- wouldn't that be nice tho?  I could make sure I was clean and spiffy before my chest is ripped open.
I have a feeling the call will come in the middle of the night or when I'm seeing patients at work. Chaos will surely ensue.
3. Lungs are hard to come by- most motor vehicle accidents that cause death also cause chest trauma.
4. Transplant is NOT a cure. 

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