Monday, August 26, 2013

A little setback...

I started feeling ill last Sunday, chills/fever/headache.  I awoke Monday AM with pink eye and feeling rather poorly.  I called into work (which I never do) and laid low. I continued with a low grade fever and since I'm on immunosuppresion my docs red flags go up.  I wasn't too concerned, just thought it was a nasty virus.  My PCP wanted to cover me so he prescribed a strong antibiotic, I'm not too keen on using antibiotics --- if it's a virus antibiotics don't kill viruses and if I get really sick I want antibiotics to cover any bacteria I'm fighting. Overuse of antibiotics can cause antibiotic resistance.
But alas, I'm a compliant patient and started my antibiotic.  I already a routine office call scheduled with my pulmonologist on Weds and would discuss my symptoms further with him.  My lung function testing dropped a bit- to 24% so when he came in he looked a bit concerned.  He said, "Either you're sick or we going to have a conversation about going back on the active transplant list."
I assured him I was sick but not really having respiratory issues.
We decided to do a chest X-ray, I was quite certain it would be negative and I wouldn't have to continue the antibiotic. To my dismay, the good Dr. Mcclelland called to tell me I had right lower lobe pneumonia ! Come on! I rested up and I finished my last antibiotic today and am feeling better.
You never know what is around the corner.

On another front, my son will be starting kindergarten next week!!! Talk about nerve wracking! Pray all goes well, I know he will be fine.  I'm the one who will be constantly worrying.

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  1. So sorry. We keep praying... how wonderful about your son! he will do fine, I am sure!