Sunday, September 8, 2013

When you put yourself out "there"...

"There" for me was creating this blog and going public.  It was definitely daunting and certainly exposing.  But I was determined to help someone with my story, determined to promote organ donation, and determined to stay upbeat.  Well the latter isn't always easy, I have my days of "Why me?" but for the most part I think I'm doing a pretty good job.

The upside of going "there" is meeting some very extraordinary people and sharing our journeys. I just met the daughter of Bill who needs a double lung transplant very badly.  He currently has 9% lung function and EVERY movement is a struggle.  He cannot be listed at Spectrum until he gains 5 lbs.  (There are very rigorous requirements that a patient must meet before transplant listing can occur).
I continue to be amazed on how the human body compensates and the spirit continues to withstand in adverse circumstances.
  Can you imagine becoming short of breath just by standing up from a seated position-- Bill experiences this.
Can you picture yourself becoming short of breath cutting watermelon-- Pete experiences this.

Imagine walking around your high school and becoming winded -- Bryan experiences this.

What about walking and talking- no biggie, right? For me, it's nearly impossible.

The human body is amazing beyond comprehension but it is the human spirit that is the prize winning champion in the end.
So to my friends I've met through this blog and/or Facebook --KEEP FIGHTING, KEEP LIVING, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY KEEP BREATHING ONE BREATH at a time.

And let's all remember to go "there", and keep encouraging one another.

WHOOOOO-RAAAAAAHHHHH!! Go ahead yell it out loud- it feels good. Just go there....

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