Wednesday, September 9, 2015

To Whom It May Concern...

Dear person with the cough,

COVER YOUR MOUTH! I never understand how people are so inclined to share their germs. I get children have a hard time covering or may not be quick enough, but a grown adult?!?!?!
Kids are back in school, germs are shared. Cold and flu season are rapidly approaching and germs are shared. But one does have the control to: a) Stay home from work until you are over your illness, b) WEAR A MASK if you insist on strolling in public places, c) Wash your hands!
Now, I hear the rebuttal--I can't afford to stay home from work, masks are hot, I can't breathe, I don't have a fever...
Can you afford to infect your co-workers and then have to do their work while they are gone?
I assure you 100% that you CAN breathe thru those thin paper masks. And you don't have to have a fever to be contagious.

 How do you think you got your current symptoms--from someone not covering a cough or a sneeze, a contaminated computer keyboard/mouse/pen/glass, talking to someone, etc.

Yes, people stare and ask questions but once you tell them you are preventing the spread of germs, they are thankful for your proactiveness.

What is the first thing you see in many doctor offices and hospitals? COVER YOUR COUGH and they provide masks--but I've never seen anyone grab a mask. You're coughing all over and you don't think you need to contain your germs a bit??
Coughing into your elbow (not your hands) helps a bit but guess what--those tiny microscopic respiratory droplets can spread up to 9ft!

I work in a doctors office where patients want protection from other sick patients, coworkers want protection from sick patients and other coworkers, yet there is so much grumbling about wearing a mask.
Example: Adult coworker cough, cough, cough, I have a cold, my throat hurts, I have the chills.
2nd coworker: Better not let Joyce hear...
The more adequate response should be: You should wear a mask and protect others if you are going to stay here.
My bat ears hear a cough from a mile away.
I don't care if you aren't right next to me, germs travel. And you should think of protecting everyone not just me. Be an example of what is right to do.

I've worked my butt off to come back from this lung transplant and the serious complications that happened. I've worked hard everyday to get to my 60% lung function and you think its ok to not wear a mask because its uncomfortable?!?
This may be no big deal to you but a simple little virus to someone who has NO immune system can be detrimental. Hospitalization, permanent loss of lung function--the lung function that I've worked so hard to obtain- I don't have as much wiggle room with my function as some due to my complications.

Why put myself at risk working in a doctors office? I pray for protection everyday, my job is to help others-this is my calling. Am I not allowed to have some semblance of normal in my life?

A cold is no big deal to you but I have a 7 yr old that needs his mommy, I have a husband who needs his wife, I have a family that would like to see me be well and live long.

I don't enjoy the stares or questions when I wear my mask but its part of the deal. And if it means I can stay healthy then I'm doing it. I swallow 30pills a day, exercise daily, do my lung exercises daily, and am trying to stay alive. Its not a joke.

So for others around you, please cover your cough.

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