Friday, May 23, 2014

Its official-back on the list!

Well BCBS approved the transplant today and I got the call at exactly 6pm that I was back active on the list.  I was not anticipating this call this evening.  I last talked to my coordinator last Friday and BCBS wanted updated labs, updated social work note, and a recent pulm note.  I got my labs drawn Saturday and faxed them to Wisconsin on Monday.  I called today to make sure they got my fax, my coordinator wasn't there so I talked to another who couldn't find the labs.  I refaxed them and he said he would watch out for them and contact the social worker.
I anticipated a follow up call from my coordinator after the holiday weekend.  Well a little over a hour ago I got a call from a coordinator I have never talked to saying they were putting me on the active list and my phone needed to be on my side 24/7.  GULP! This was not my plans for the holiday weekend! A long weekend with a nice sunny forecast meaning a lot more motorcycles out and holiday weekends unfortunately equal increased accident rates! It is my reality that someone has to die for me to live.
Its in Gods hands and His timing is perfect.  Please pray for perfectly matched lungs, a successful recovery, and long active life. This is scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. God bless and keep you!!! Prayers.

  2. Sending Prayers your way !!!!!!!

    From Mindy