Monday, December 16, 2013

Farewell Friend

1 week ago, I got upsetting news that my friend in this wacky lung journey died.  I've mentioned Pete in previous blogs, he reached out to me in June after coming across my blog.  I eagerly emailed him back, I had to connect with this person.  We set up a time to talk on the phone and discussed our unique situations with each other finding out that we eerily had a lot in common. Pete was also in the medical field, he was a physical therapist, he was young (32 at age of death), he heard many times that "You look good"-there can't be something wrong with you, and he was going to be listed for lung transplant in the imminent future, he had a supportive spouse/family/friends, he had young children, he had strong determination, etc
He had taken his 2 kids to Disney earlier this year and that was my future plan when we initially talked. He later gave me tips on how to take on the beast called Walt Disney World.

A connection was there, it was good to talk to someone who understood my struggles.
We continued to communicate via email and I talked with him one more time when he relocated to St Louis from Cincinnati and was actively listed at Barnes Jewish.

Pete had a way with words and he gave me hope. Here was a guy younger than I (was a former running star), stayed in good shape, and BAM starting feeling short of breath while running that progressively worsened. When Pete and I talked his lung function was 18%!!!!!!!!!!
18%!!!!! I'm at 28%, if this guy could still stay somewhat active and work then by golly then I could to.  Pete was my inspiration. I felt he would get new lungs and feel great again, complete a 5K with his new lungs, fists in the air--I literally envisioned this and told him so. He would be my mentor.
So when I read his blog that he passed away, I was shocked.  I had emailed him the Monday before his death and he quickly responded that he wasn't feeling well.  He ended up in the hospital the following Friday short of breath with the decision to be intubated to help his body rest.  Pete had been intubated before and did not have any ill effects, the blog entry his wife posted said they were already weaning him off the vent, I knew Pete would be ok. I emailed Pete the Monday after his death on Sat to check and see how he was doing (this was sent before I knew he died), I then checked his blog for any updates and then saw the post that Pete had passed.

This really shook me up and I cried Monday night, Tuesday, and I still tear up thinking about it.  This was not suppose to happen! I grieve for Pete's wife and his 2 young kids, and I grieve for the life that Pete should have had. Its not fair! It was a reality check for me, I thought about a bad cold or infection that could take me down. Granted, Petes lung function was worse than mine, but what if?
I can't stay in the 'what ifs' too long, its a dark place. I will continue to trust my docs and my instinct and take it day by day.  God is in control.
 I'm thankful God put Pete in my path and we were able to connect. Pete died waiting for new lungs, please consider being an organ donor. You can visit for more info.

Farewell Friend, you will be missed. You struggle no longer.
I was excited when Pete posted this pic wearing my shirt on his blog, I emailed and asked if I could use on my blog and he responded, 'Of course, that's why I wore it when I knew I was going to have this photo op'.
If you would like to read more about Pete's journey:

 MOSHERPeter Mosher took his final breath, December 7th, 2013 32 years of age. He left behind his beloved wife and partner of 15 years, Eileen (nee McGrath) and two beautiful children Adah and Eamon. He was cherished by his parents Kevin and Peggy, his brother Jeremy and sister Katie (Andrew Wright) and grandparents Mary and Roger Pierson. He will be so missed by the numerous members of his Pierson, Mosher, and McGrath-Seiffert families. Pete was a remarkable human who left this world a much better place and touched the lives of so many across this country and world in such a short time. His impression was left on the St. Xavier, Saint Louis University, St. Clare, Mount St. Joseph, and College Hill communities; his students and colleagues admired and respected him. He excelled in all he did and the world will not be the same without him. The most important remembrance of Pete, though, is to register as a Organ Donor! Visitation will be at St. Clare Church, 1443 Cedar Avenue, College Hill (45224) on Friday, December 13th from 4:00pm until 8:00pm. Mass of Christian Burial will be at St. Clare Church on Saturday, December 14th at 10:30am. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Program in Physical Therapy at Saint Louis University (please designate "Peter Mosher Memorial" - 221 N. Grand Blvd, Room 319, St. Louis, MO 63103), or to the College of Mount St. Joseph (please designate "Physical Therapy Book Scholarship" - 5701 Delhi Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45233)


  1. So sorry. May God have mercy on all those in sorrow; may God remember Peter in His kingdom!

  2. I am deeply sorry to hear this news. I wish his family and friends (Joyce) my sincere condolences. Joyce because of you and your blog people feel your kindness it just sinks into our hearts. I think we all contacted you for this reason. You are and have done a wonderful job opening your heart and your journey with us. We continue to pray and help raise awareness in any way we can.