Monday, May 27, 2013

So much support!!!!

 I just wanted to say how thankful I am for my family and friends.  There has been such an outpouring of support for me and my family!
I designed T-shirts to promote organ donation and my work -Grand Valley Medical Specialists had T-shirt Tuesdays in April (National Organ Donation Month).
One of my co-workers (Melissa) brought her dear daughter in Allison.  Allison is 8yrs old and made duct tape bracelets to sell and gave me her earnings.  I was so moved by this random act of kindness, I thought about Allison and her pure sweet spirit for days to follow.
Here's Allison:

Here is just a sampling of some of my co-workers sporting their T-shirts:

I met Rachael Rasikas ~5mos ago. Her dad is one of the docs I work with. She has an awesome blog and wrote on me. Please ck it out, she is also going to be running this Sat 6-1 with her dad, trying to raise awareness and taking donations.
She has great recipes too. :)
On May 18, Forest Hills Northern HS had a baseball tournament and they helped support my family and I that day.  Eric and Ryan Endres were batboys--Ryan was a terrific help to Eric and they became fast friends that day.

FH Northern won the baseball tournament! Great job guys and we had a great time meeting everyone that day.
Words cannot express how much I appreciate all everyone is doing for me. In a world where you hear so much distressing news, know that there is still so much goodness and love.

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  1. Thanking God for this! We keep praying for you...