Monday, April 8, 2013

Just what I needed to hear...

So I've been feeling a bit anxious about life happenings: more testing, more decisions, more stress and I opened my devotion called Jesus Today by Sarah Young (given to me by Jill at our church-KCC and this is what I read:
"Sometimes my Sovereign Hand--My control over your life-places you in humbling circumstances. You feel held down, held back, and powerless to change things.  You long to break free and feel in control of your life once again. Although this is an uncomfortable position, it is actually a good place to be.  Your discomfort awakens you from the slumber of routine and reminds you that I am in charge of your life.  It also presents you with an important choice: You can lash out at your circumstances-resenting My ways with you-or you can draw closer to Me.
   When you are suffering, your need for Me is greater than ever. The more you choose to come near Me, affirming your trust in Me, the more you can find hope in My unfailing love.  You can even learn to be joyful in hope while waiting in My Presence--where joy abounds.  Persevere in trusting Me, and I will eventually lift you up.  Meanwhile, cast all your anxiety on Me, knowing that I care for you affectionately and am watching over you continually."
"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer" Romans 12:12

God always knows what we need to hear.  He is in control.

I meet the Spectrum transplant doc again Weds (finished testing this past Fri) and meet the surgeon Friday.  I should have a decision from Spectrum and dual-listing in the next week or so.
Pray those perfect lungs come.


  1. God is merciful to us in our distress; praying for you daily...

  2. Praying for those beautiful lungs and for the beautiful donor to know Jesus today...that book was written for you.