Sunday, March 17, 2013


In the last week I have made my blog known, created a facebook page for networking,  and am currently working on another type of facebook platform.
I am overwhelmed with the support!
The t-shirts are selling very well at my work and am looking forward to seeing most everyone wear their shirt to work every Tues starting in April which is National Donor Month.
I want to personally express my gratitude here to all that are reading my blog and sending their love. If I could personally give you a hug then I would.
Fundraisers locally are currently being worked on, it is a lot of work and they wouldn't be possible without the help of my support system.
So, a big THANK YOU to Mehgan, Stuursy, Suzor, Tara, Julie, and Becky for doing what you are doing and researching so many avenues.
This journey will take a village of support and know your efforts do not go unnoticed.
I know many of you have expressed an interest to help and we will definitely need you.
It is tremendously hard for me to accept help, I'm use to doing the helping but I'm learning how to accept help.  Be patient with me.

I was recently talking with my son and the subjects of doctors came up (probably because I'm going to one every other wk). Eric said he wanted to be a doctor, I asked why.
His matter of fact response was, "To help mommy".  Of course I shed some tears as he looks at me strangely and continues to draw.  He doesn't understand the magnitude of what is occurring with me but he knows he needs 'to help his mommy.'
So to all of you that are helping Eric's mommy, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Joyce, the few months I spent in Grand Rapids I will never forget the giving person you are. Both my parents and I know I would not have lasted as long as I did if it was not for you. In my heart I know you'll be on this earth giving and loving for some time to come, to your family and your friends. Organ donation is one of the most precious gift one can give. God bless you for your work with organ donation and with your fight with your lung disease. You will come out blessed in the end. Don't know if I ever told you this but we are Catholic. My mother says the Rosary every night so I asked her to say 1 for you. Love you babe.
    Melissa York

    1. Thanks Melissa! I have fond memories of our past hi jinks !!! Tell your parents hi and thx again for the support!

  2. glad you are getting support! praying for you daily here in NJ with my husband...