Sunday, March 3, 2013

In Sickness and in Health...

We created our wedding vows but there were still the 'traditional' ones that were at the end as well.
In sickness and in health...does one really think about how deep that vow can be?  Sure, we get our spouse a kleenex or OJ when they have a cold but I personally never thought that we would be facing the sickness called B.O. in our marriage.
Its easy for the spouse to become forgotten, everyone always asks how is Joyce doing, what does Joyce need, whens the next appt? Its easy to forget to ask, "How is Greg?" Do not misinterpret my words, I so appreciate when people check in on my routinely, I just feel bad for my husband.

He never imagined that on 9-10-05 when he married me that 6yrs later he would be at my hospital bedside wondering what was wrong with me (yes our 6yr anniversary was at Butterworth Hosp).
He feels helpless that he can't help me, I feel horrible that I can't be an active and carefree wife.
Greg watches me struggle physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  He often is the one that sees me at my worse. He gets to deal with my crabiness way more than anyone else. I should be giving him my best me and he often gets the tired and worn-out me.

I know Greg is in this for the long haul and this has taken its toll on him.  Discussing funeral plans and writing cards to our son for him to open later in his life if I were to die are not happy topics.  We should be planning a vacation to Disney for Eric. We should be talking about furniture changes. We should be talking about whats for dinner, we shouldn't be talking about lung transplants and the possibilty of death.

God blessed me with Greg, I've heard all too often marriages that result in divorce due to life altering circumstances.  I know that we are in this together, we will continue to fight.  Make no mistake, it isn't easy and the past several months have affected our life but no matter what Greg will be there.

This post is for my husband:  the one who continues to pray for my healing, the one who is constantly by my side, the one who loves me unconditionally, the one who valiantly is honoring his wedding vows.
XOXOXO to Greg Jensen, my silent hero.

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