Thursday, February 20, 2014

The weather...ugh! Not a catchy title? There's more in there

I try and post regularly but also don't want to post just to post. So shall I discuss this CRAZY Michigan weather!? I'm tired of hearing the complaints but weather is neutral subject so this is some of the small talk that goes on at the beginning of a patient encounter.
Work had been eerily slow, which is ok for me as I was looking on taking some time off to recharge.
The cold air does affect my lungs and make things a bit more difficult.

I also has a sleep study a few wks back, I won't be sharing that pic of myself looking like a lobotomy was about to occur.  The study said I had very mild partial airway collapse during REM sleep only (normal is 0-5- mine was 6).  Well I'm in REM sleep at  2 different times for short periods- I'm in it 3/4 less than the norm. So no clear answers on how to get me more REM -the good Dr Baer has to get a hold of the guy.  I spend most of my sleep in stage 2which one of the lighter stages.
To be continued.